Real Heroes

I don't usually do this, but would you mind if I rant a little today?  I saw a sign yesterday that just rubbed me the wrong way.  In fact, it downright irritated me.  It was a billboard for a jewelry store.  Naturally, there was a picture of a huge diamond ring.  But what infuriated me was the caption which read, "We're making husbands heroes."  Excuse me, but not all women are that shallow!   My husband is not a hero to me because he buys me diamonds (chocolate, yes; diamonds, no -- just kidding!).  Seriously, is that all it takes in today's society to be considered a hero?  How sad!

Allow me to share with you why I think my husband is a hero, and it has nothing to do with diamonds (we can't afford those).

1.) He loves me and cherishes me with his words and actions.

2.) He works hard day after day to provide for me and our children (the dogs).

3.) He strives to provide me with anything I need and a lot of things I want.

4.) After 14 years of marriage, he still opens doors for me, including the car door.

5.) He treats me like a lady and challenges anyone who does not treat me as such.

6.) He puts my desires and needs above his own.

7.) He spends his time off with me, even if that means running errands or scrubbing bathrooms.

8.) He holds me when I cry and encourages me when I'm down.

9.) He counsels me in spiritual things and helps me to see dangers in my path.

10.) He is faithful to me and makes me feel special enough that no other could ever take my place.

Now that's a hero!  Ladies, please don't judge your husband by the materialistic ways of this world.  Instead, use the Bible's guide for a Godly husband, and see how your man measures up.  After all, we don't need diamonds.  We need true heroes.

Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it. - Ephesians 5:25