A Bend in the Road by David Jeremiah

Sometimes I feel as if my life's road is nothing but bends.  It's like driving up a mountain--there isn't a straight stretch to be found.  On the contrary, I swerve from one side to the other as life throws one curve after another.  At times, I shrug my shoulders and tell myself, "Such is life."  But at other times, all I can do is weep.  Discouragement sets in and with it, a weariness that seeps into my soul, draining me of the strength to carry on. 

Thank the Lord for the book of Psalms.  From the very first word "blessed" (which means happy), the book promises strength for today and hope for tomorrow.  In his book, A Bend in the Road, Pastor David Jeremiah highlights some of the key Psalms that deal with sorrow, disappointment and the means by which to find peace in trying times.  His stories are heart-felt, and his teaching, while thorough and profound, is easy to read and understand.  The main focus of the book is truths he learned while facing his biggest bend in the road:  cancer.  But whether or not you've battled the awful disease, the book is full of life-changing lessons, no matter what bend you may be facing.

Believe it or not, I was blessed enough to find this book, along with another David Jeremiah book, at a local thrift store. I couldn't wait to start reading it, and once I began, I felt compelled to read it daily.  I broke the chapters into sections (which was easy to do given the layout of each chapter) and read one section each morning with my daily Bible reading.  My prayers and thoughts for the remainder of the day were then focused on the morning's lesson.  While I wanted to just sit down and read the entire book straight through, I knew I would be able to digest more if I took one section at a time.  It took longer to read that way, but each reading time was filled with encouragement and provoked in me feelings of hope and peace.  I was truly sorry to reach the end of the book.

Whether you are currently facing, have faced or will face a bend in the road of life, this book is a guaranteed blessing.  The message is true and taken directly from the Word of God.  There is hope.  There is more to life than the bends in the road.  You can live a life of joy.  Allow Dr. David Jeremiah to lead you through the Word of God and show you how!