Out of Sorts

Sunday morning, as I was preparing to brush my teeth, I turned toward the bedroom to speak to Jason.  As I turned back toward the sink, my neck locked.  Pain gripped my entire body, and for a few minutes, all I could see were stars.  I stumbled to the bed and lay down, hoping to alleviate the pain coursing through my neck, back and head.  Jason spent the next several minutes rubbing and stretching my neck, trying to ease the ache.  It helped, but only momentarily.

I spent the next four days in excruciating pain, barely able to move my head and neck.  Needless to say, little work was accomplished.  And as always, with my body out of sorts, my attitude was quick to follow its lead.  "Why does this stuff always happen to me?"  "Lord, how can I serve you when I'm in so much pain?'  "Why can't life ever be easy?  Why is it always so complicated just to make it through a single day?"  Sob, sob, sob.

Truthfully, by Tuesday, I was sobbing.  I don't know about you, but the week that our mortgage is due is a very tight week financially.  All of our major bills seem to come at the end and very beginning of the month, leaving no money for our mortgage which is due the first week of each month.  (For those of you keeping track, that's this week!)  I had been watching our finances.  Once again, it was going to be close, but it looked like we were going to just squeak by.  Then, the unthinkable happened!  Our website renewal, which was supposed to be processed on the 17th of April, went through on the 2nd.  One hundred twenty-five dollars was withdrawn from our checking account to pay for the renewal.

I went into a major panic!  There was no way we could pay the mortgage now without going into the red.  I contacted the hosting company, and we went back and forth all day.  Their response was "Well, to ensure you don't lose any hosting time, we start the process 15 days early."  To be honest, that may have been in the fine print somewhere, but I don't remember seeing it.  I was mad, but more than anything, I was scared.  I prayed.  I cried.  And I prayed some more.  From my viewpoint, I didn't see any way to fix the situation.  After hours of going back and forth with the hosting company, the best I could get was a reimbursement, but I knew that would be too late.  Oh, me of little faith!

I don't know why--maybe out of morbid curiosity, I don't know--but I checked our bank balance this morning.  I could not believe my eyes.  The hosting fee had gone through.  Mortgage had gone through.  And there was still money in the account.  HUH????  By God's grace and through His miracle, my tax return had also gone through ahead of the two bills.  Please note, I filed my taxes last Tuesday.  It was supposed to take a minimum of two weeks to get the return.  God did it in one.  God provided where I didn't see a way.  He took care of me even though I doubted Him.  And as always, He passed by at the right time.  Today, I'm basking in a miracle!  I may be tired.  I may be achy.  And things may not be the way I would have them.  But God loves me, and He's watching out for me.  That alone should put a spring in my step.

Has God been good to you?  Why don't you tell someone about it!