Virtual Book Tour: An Interview with Stan Starsky

Look and feel great deliciously....

 Would you like your family to eat more wholesome foods and get more vitamins, micro-nutrients, fiber and minerals while avoiding processed sugar, gluten without taking supplements? Wouldn’t it be nice to find an exciting and interesting way to eat more healthy?

If you answered "yes" to the above then my promise to you is that eating healthy snacks can be interesting, fun and easy. I present to you the “Peace Love and Snacks” healthy snack cookbook. And this not just about sneaking in a few vegetables into a cookie recipe – which actually is a great strategy. This goes a little deeper than that.

All of the recipes are are gluten free and contain no processed sugar and no white flour. Sometimes honey is used as a sweetener, however, there is also a granola process that utilizes no honey at all – only fruit, oats and nuts and it has tested very well.

Imagine feeling great about what you have made, using wholesome ingredients. Time to take revenge against junk food and enjoy delicious easy to make snack food recipes. You will find some truly unique and new recipes that your family will enjoy.

Dana:  You know how I feel about healthy eating.  Yes, I enjoy my chocolate cake, but I also long for recipes for wholesome foods that taste great.  With that being said, it is my joy and privilege to have Stan Starsky here with us today to talk about his new book, Peace, Love and Snacks.  Stan, what compelled you to write a healthy snack cookbook?

Stan:  I felt it was time to take revenge against junk food...And as much as I like to eat healthy I find that eating snacks like apples and bananas can get pretty boring.  However, most of the recipes that I found on the Internet for so called healthy snacks contained large amounts of processed sugar...So in a quest to eat healthier snacks, I began making my own granola bars.  Soon I was making healthy dips and I eventually came up with a wide range of original snack ideas.  I also came up with a lot of ways to eat apples and bananas that are interesting and taste great. 

Dana:  That's fantastic, and you're right, there are a lot of recipes out there with loads of sugar and processed sweeteners.  Now, do you have a background in nutrition, or is healthy eating more of a self-taught process for you?

Stan:   Actually I have an economics background but to prepare for the book I conducted interviews with registered dietitians and I learned a lot from these conversations.  I also continue to conduct these interviews. 

Dana:  I've looked at your book, Stan, and I can tell you've certainly done your homework.  For our readers who haven't had the chance to purchase your book, could you tell us what kind of recipes your cookbook contains?

Stan:   Great question...Well it has granola recipes, dip recipes, nut recipes and some snack combinations that I don't think that anyone has ever heard of before.  I tried to come up with some truly original recipes like a dairy free rice pudding recipe, an unusual broccoli salad and mouth watering fruit and nut combinations.  In addition, all of the recipes contain no processed sugar, no artificial flavors and no gluten.

Dana:  That certainly sounds like a winner to me.  Your snacks sound like they would appeal to adults and children alike, and as you mentioned earlier, even so-called "health food" is often packed full of artificial and potentially harmful ingredients.  I feel much better eating something when I know exactly what's in it, but I can't help but wonder how time-consuming and difficult it is to make your own snacks.  What kind of equipment and/or appliances do these recipes require?

Stan:  You really need to have a food processor or you could just use a hammer and simply smash some of the ingredients against the floor.  If you have shag carpeting you may find this method to be a bit more challenging.  Other than a food processor, you really just need the basic stuff like a bowl, a pot, a spoon and a knife.

Dana:  Well, that doesn't sound too bad, but I know many people have other justifications for not eating healthy.  How would you respond to people who argue that healthy eating is just too expensive?  

Stan:  First of all, I don't believe in arguing and I won't tolerate it. . .This may come as no surprise considering I wrote a book called "Peace Love and Snacks".  It does seem like healthy food is more expensive.  However, it is usually the prepared healthy food that is more costly.  For example, an apple or banana compared to the cost of a candy bar is actually less expensive.  In reference to organic food, there is no denying that eating organic is more expensive.  For me, I just feel so much better when eating a healthy diet that paying a little more is well worth the  investment in my health...This was not much of an argument, but like I said earlier I am not into arguing.

Dana:  I agree with you, Stan.  When you eat healthy, you just feel better all day long.  When I eat the things I know I should eat, I feel more energized, focused and motivated, while eating processed or junk foods leaves me feeling sluggish and moody.  If you could give people one word of advice about living a healthy lifestyle, what would it be?

Stan:  Actually, I am by no means an expert but what I have learned from the registered dietitians that I have interviewed is that the really basic advice might be the most important. such as eating a variety of fruits and vegetables, exercising on a regular basis and sleep.  I know this is not very exciting or new.  However, to help you with variety when it comes to healthy snacks, I think I can help and you can pick up a copy for half price here:

Dana:  Thanks, Stan.  It's good to know there are some new and exciting ways to eat healthy.

If you're tired of feeling down and out, maybe it's time to change your diet.  It doesn't have to be time-consuming or costly.  Pick up Stan's book today for half-price and begin your journey to a new, healthier you! If you'd like to hear more about Peace, Love and Snacks, follow Stan's tour using the schedule below:


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