Rest in the Lord

Last week was unbelievable!  Jason and I had such a wonderful time in Pigeon Forge, and I hate to see it end.  Still, I can honestly say that I feel better now than I've felt in a very long time.  And I'm not just speaking of the physical, although I do feel less achy and more rested.  But I also feel better emotionally.  By the time we were traveling home on Friday, I felt renewed and refreshed, ready to make a fresh start on a new week.  It's truly amazing the difference a few days of rest and lack of distractions can make.

If nothing else, this past week has proven to be a great reminder of how important it is to rest in the Lord.  The Christian walk can be tiring and often discouraging.  It's very easy to become weary in well doing.  And that's why we need to rest in the Lord.  It's only through that rest that we find peace and a renewing of the body, mind and spirit.  With it, we feel ready and better equipped to live each day to its fullest.  Without it, we feel stressed and overwhelmed.

You may not be able to get away for a vacation any time soon, but the invitation to rest in the Lord is offered continuously.  It is always available.  And I can tell you without a doubt, that it is a necessity for the Christian life.  So go ahead!  Grab a pillow, close your eyes, and find peace and comfort that can only be found in the arms of the Savior.