Play Ball!

I had an interesting vision yesterday morning while walking Mitch.  Now, when I say vision, I don't mean a mystical image or a hallucination.  It was more of a visualization or daydream.  I was praying, as I often do on our walks, and I was pouring out my heart to God.  Once again, I was begging for His help in dealing with my worry.  I was tired and weary of fighting the same battles over and over again. . .especially the battle with myself over my lack of faith.

In that moment, I imagined myself as a player standing on a basketball court. (This is stranger than you may think, for I've NEVER played any sports.)  I held the basketball in my hands and looked around me.  Players of all shapes and sizes were rushing toward me, and in a panic, I looked for a teammate to whom I could pass the ball before I was plowed down by the onrushing opponents.  Across the court, I saw God, tall and bold, His arms open wide, His voice ringing out across the court, "Give it here, Dana.  I'm open.  I'll take it.  Pass it to me."  I did, and in one giant leap, He tossed it into the basket which appeared to be more of a bottomless abyss.  The ball disappeared into the darkness, and I assumed the game was over.

In the next instant, the events replayed just as they had before.  I was standing in the same spot on the court, holding the basketball in my hands.  The opponents were rushing to me, and panicked, I looked around.  There was God, once again, standing with His arms open wide, bidding me to pass the ball to Him.  I complied, and He tossed it into the abyss.

As I walked, I couldn't help but smile at the mental image God had given me and the interpretation I had gained from it.  Bad habits and sins (like worry) won't go away just because I wish them to, and conquering them is not a one-time event.  I will have to guard against thoughts of worry and fear every day, but God's message reminded me that I'm not alone in the battle.  I have a teammate, and as long as I'm willing to "pass" the burden to Him, He'll deal with it.  The only time I'll run into trouble is when I try to play ball hog and hold onto my burdens far longer than I should.

All day yesterday and even this morning when I felt burdened with worry, I imagined myself passing the ball to God and envisioned Him tossing it effortlessly into the dark abyss.  And as strange as it may seem, the worry stopped and peace filled my heart.  Hmm, I guess the imagination can be a good thing after all. . .a very good thing indeed.

Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time: Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you. - I Peter 5:6-7