The Hunt for the Well Hidden Treasure by Bob Sheard and Timothy Taylor

What child doesn't love a good treasure hunt? For that matter, what adult doesn't? Although this book is intended for middle-grade readers, I am in my mid-thirties and found it an exciting and intriguing read. The authors take care to give enough clues to help the reader solve the puzzle without giving away the actual hiding place of the pirate's treasure. The tale is a splendid mix of historical facts, fictional additions and loveable characters.

The kids are down-to-earth, but unlike those in most novels for this age group, they are respectful of adults (especially their parents) and of other kids as well. Each character has his/her own unique personality, showcasing his/her talents, which I feel serves as a good reminder to young people that we are not all the same nor should we try to be. God has created each of us in the way He saw fit, and we should cherish our gifts and figure out how to use them to help others. This is exactly what the group of main characters do, and by combining their individual talents, they discover that they make a great team.

The story line is easy to follow, but complex enough to keep the adult reader hooked. The plot is suspenseful and believable. I enjoyed the story from beginning to end. At times, I rushed through, trying to get to the end so that I could unravel the mystery. But when I did reach the end, I felt a sudden sense of loss. I didn't want the story to be over. In my mind, there could be no better quality to a good book.

I am unsure if this book is considered Christian fiction, but I do not remember any questionable elements within its pages. As memory serves, it was a clean, delightful book, one that I would definitely recommend to children and adults alike.