Say "Cheese"

I despise having my picture taken. This is not a good thing since my in-laws are photographers. Still,
there's nothing like sitting in front of a machine that blinds me with a bright light and trying to come up with a realistic smile when smiling is the last thing I want to be doing. And the poses are so uncomfortable. Usually the phrase I hear most is, "Tilt your head a little more," to which my response is, "If I tip it any further, it's going to roll off my shoulder and onto the floor." It feels awkward. It feels uncomfortable. And in the back of my mind, I can't help but wonder if the upcoming photo will be one to add to my "Mutants of the Present World" file. Amazingly enough, when I look at the photo, I look completely normal and relaxed. How is it possible to capture a lovely image from such an uncomfortable pose? The same way God does.

You see, God is trying to take a picture too. Only, He's looking for something in particular, because He doesn't really want to capture our image, but His image reflected through us. To find this perfect shot takes time. It takes some uncomfortable poses and false smiles. It takes following directions that sometimes don't make sense to us (such as tipping your head further when it feels as if it's already detached). But if we are willing to do all these things, God will be able to capture His likeness in us. And what a portrait that will be!

Are you ready to see Christ in you? Wait patiently. Smile during the uncomfortable times. Follow directions, no matter how strange they may seem. Oh, and don't forget to say "cheese"!