To Be Continued. . .

Jason and I don't watch a lot of television, but we do enjoy pulling up some of the older shows and
watching via internet. The great thing about this is that there are no commercials and no reruns. We can watch each episode when we want and as many times as we want. This is especially important when we come across episodes like the one we watched last night.

Things were looking very bad for the heroes of the show. Their new enemy was already greater than any enemy they had faced before, but now, the enemy had grown stronger. They had found a way to counteract the heroes' weapons, rendering them useless. They were swiftly overtaking the entire galaxy. And just when it seemed things couldn't get any worse, they did. The heroes found out about the ultimate weapon that not only had the power to destroy the enemy, but all life. To be continued. . .

Normally, this would not be a problem. Jason and I would look at each other with wide eyes, and one of us would reach forward and tap the "Play Next Episode" button. But I had to go to work last night, and fifteen minutes after I got home, Jason had to go to work. So we weren't able to see the second part to see how the heroes will win the day. Instead, we'll have to wait until he gets home later tonight. Oh, the suspense!

Writers know how to make good use of "the hook." They know how to leave their readers (or watchers, in this case) in suspense. This ensures that the reader won't put the book down and the watcher will make it back for the next episode. It's a good tool, really, but while I enjoy it in a book or show, I don't enjoy it so much in real life.

Flip through the pages of the Bible, and you'll see suspense. You'll see dire circumstances that seem impossible. You'll see heroes who don't know what to do or how to defeat the enemy. You'll see problems that seem to have no answers.

Abraham, following the Lord's command, holds the knife above young Isaac. . .To be continued
Moses and the children of Israel stare at the expanse of the Red Sea in front of them and peek over their shoulders to find Pharaoh's army behind them. . .To be continued
Joseph looks up from the dark pit and peers out from the prison cell. . .To be continued
Daniel snuggles up between the hungry lions. . .To be continued
The three Hebrew children stand boldly in the midst of the fiery furnace. . .To be continued
The violent storm rages on the Sea of Galilee, tossing about the disciples' boat. . .To be continued
The thousands are gathered, and there's not enough food to go around. . . To be continued
The tomb is sealed, and the Messiah is dead. . .To be continued

Page-turners, huh? Time and time again, God sets up the perfect story. And time and time again, God shows how He will always come through. No matter how strong the enemy. No matter how dire the circumstances. No matter how big the problem. God will come through in the end.

Perhaps you are facing "a hook" in your life. Right now, troubles and heartaches are staring you in the face, and it looks like there's no way out. I have good news for you. The story isn't over yet. God is simply setting the scene for the grand finale. How's that for suspense?

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. - Romans 8:28