First Impressions

Do you know how difficult it is to make a good first impression?  For some, it may be easy, but for others (myself included) it can be daunting.  As a writer, every piece of writing I do is an impression of me and of my other work.  Within just a few sentences, a publisher can determine whether or not he likes my style, my voice, my tone, etc.  A few sentences--that's all I have to make a good impression.

This blog is no different.  People browse through my blog and pick a post that sounds interesting.  They read it and often determine from that one post whether or not any of the rest of my work is worth reading.  What if it wasn't one of my better posts?  What if I was having an "off day"?  It doesn't matter.  The first impression has been made.

What about our encounters with the unsaved?  We have one chance with each individual to portray a good first impression about Christianity.  How many times do we blow it?  How often are our first impressions those of negative attitudes, doctrinal bickering and holier-than-thou speeches?  Shouldn't the first impression of a Christian be one of love, joy and encouragement?  But that's not often the case, and if you don't believe me, visit any Christian forum or chat room.  I've seen some of the ugliest talk in those places.  It's no wonder so many people are turned away from Christianity if that's what they see of it.

We only get one chance to make a first impression.  People are watching us.  What are they seeing?