Don't Give Up!

Consider these facts:
  • During its first year, Coca-Cola only sold 400 bottles of coke.
  • NBA basketball player, Michael Jordan, was cut from his high school basketball team.
  • Dr Seuss was rejected by 23 publishers before the 24th took on his books.
  • Babe Ruth held the record for the most strike outs. He went on to also hold the record for the most home runs.
What would have happened if each of these individuals (or companies) had simply given up? What if they had said, "Well, I tried, and it just didn't work out, so I quit. I'm done?" Think of what the world would have missed out on. Worse yet, what if Jesus had quit? What if He had said, "I came to this world and offered myself, but they didn't want it. They mocked me. They argued with me. I tried, and it just didn't work. So, I went back to Heaven. It wasn't worth all of that?" What a terrible thought!

So, why do we quit? We know life isn't going to be easy. We know things don't usually work right the first time. We know that sometimes we have to learn from experience. We know all of these things, so why do we quit when the going gets tough?

I think we do it because we feel it would be easier to quit than to keep trying something that is obviously not working. Sometimes, it may be easier, but I think a lot of times, we put ourselves in more difficult positions because we don't see things through.

Don't quit today. I know sometimes things look impossible, and many of us are "weary in well-doing," but please don't give up. We're almost there. We're almost to the finish line. We're almost to the point where we can smile and say, "I did it. I kept the faith, and I finished my course." Success is right around the corner, but we have to go to it, or it will never come to us. Keep going. Don't give up!

For nothing will be impossible with God! - Luke 1:37