It's Not Too Late, Or Is It?

On Monday, my sweet husband will turn 39.  What's really exciting is that this week he began taking his very first music lessons.  For a while now he's been talking about the possibility of learning a stringed instrument like the guitar or bass guitar.  At first, he shrugged it off with all the usual excuses:  no time, no talent, no teacher.  There was also the financial side of things.  After all, one can't learn an instrument without having an instrument with which to practice.  Then there were the costs of lessons and the other necessities.  Yet despite the excuses why it couldn't happen, the dream stayed alive. . . and flourished.

Pretty soon, it was all he could think about (and talk about it).  He began researching instruments and free online bass lessons.  He studied.  He figured.  And he saved.  He started putting aside his tip money from work, his birthday money and any other little pieces here and there.  After seeing his excitement grow and watching the renewed happiness in his life, I happily donated my birthday money to "the cause."  And finally, last weekend he had enough to buy a bass guitar.

He's spent his time off work happily watching the free tutoring videos online and plucking away at his new instrument.  Others assumed I was bothered by the noise, but the truth is it has thrilled my heart to see him so happy.  He has a dream, and he's excited about it.  But one thing I made him promise me before we dove into this new hobby was that no matter how difficult it became or how frustrated he was with the learning process, he would stick with it.  He's not a quitter, but I know the temptation of shying away from things when the going gets tough, and I don't want to see his dream die.  He has the potential and the drive.  He just needs to avoid the distraction.

As I've watched him practice this week, I realized that of all his initial excuses for not learning a new instrument, one he never said was "I'm too old to start something like this."  Let's face it, we've all heard the expression "You can't teach an old dog new tricks."  But you know what, that's not true.  You can.  In fact, I have.  Old dogs can learn new things and so can people (not that I'm calling my husband old, mind you).  My point is that it's not too late.  Take advantage of today.  Seize the moment.  Do the thing you feel you're too old to do, whether that be cartwheels or going to the zoo.  Act on your dreams.

But more importantly, if you haven't made the biggest decision of your life, I urge you to do that right now.  That decision, of course, is receiving Christ as your Savior and Lord.  To do so, you must believe in Him and freely accept His gift of salvation.  He died so that we might live, but unless you accept that sacrifice, your eternal life will not be a pleasant one.  And unfortunately, there will come a day when millions will hear the phrase "Too late."  You don't want to be one of them.  It doesn't matter how old you are or how bad you think you've been, Jesus' blood can wash away all sin.  Will you accept Him today?  Please, don't wait until it's too late!