What Will It Take?

I don't usually enjoy documentaries, but yesterday I decided to watch one on the hunt for Noah's Ark.  Obviously, it was not portrayed from a Christian standpoint, and while the producers tried to sound neutral in their beliefs, it was quite evident that they did not believe in the existence of Noah's ark.  They treated it as a myth, legend or simple story.  Still, the facts about some of the different "ark hunters" were fascinating, and I found myself intrigued by the information.

What intrigued me the most, however, was the determination of some of the "experts" to contradict all the findings that indicated that Noah's ark did, in fact, exist.  When one explorer found a piece of petrified wood that matched the wood recorded in the book of Genesis, he had it dated and discovered that the dates also matched up.  However, when the wood was exposed to carbon dating, the facts no longer matched.  Another explorer found a shape that resembled the ark, and after taking precise measurements and performing a multitude of tests, proclaimed it to be the ark of Noah.  Still, the scientists found fault with the theory.  A third explorer is still searching the mountains of Ararat for Noah's ark, but the local trail guide seemed unimpressed.  Her statement was something to this effect, "He honestly believes that Noah's ark is out there.  He's even tried to convert me several times, asking me wouldn't I give my heart to Jesus.  He's trying to make a believer out of me.  So, I told him, 'If you can show me Noah's ark, then I'll believe.'"

Really?  A team of Christians from China discovered what they believed to be Noah's ark, packed tightly under some glaciers.  After clearing an opening in the ice, part of the crew went down into the cavern and filmed their discovery.  The film shows them walking through a large wooden structure that was divided into rooms.  The details found within match up with the Genesis record exactly.  But since the Chinese refused to disclose the exact location of their discovery, their video was considered a hoax.

It seems to me like the world is screaming for proof that the Bible is true, yet when the evidence is given, they deny it and use "other science" to disprove it.  So the question is, do they really want to know?  I think not.  But an even greater question is this:  What will it take for them to believe?  Another world catastrophe?  The death of a loved one?  The rapture?

I'm reminded of King Agrippa in Acts 26:28: 

Then Agrippa said unto Paul, Almost thou persuadest me to be a Christian. 

Almost, but not quite.  It was as if Agrippa took the same stance as the trail guide at Ararat--"You show me what I consider proof, then I'll believe."  But will they?  The fact of the matter is that one day, everyone will believe.  Unfortunately, it will be too late for so many.

If you haven't made the decision to accept Christ's gift of salvation, I beg of you, don't wait another day.  Give Him your heart today.  Believe in His great love and sacrifice for you.  Surrender your life and your all to Him.  Don't wait for more proof.  Faith isn't about proof.  It's about accepting the unexplainable.  It is believing in the unseen.  You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain.  Don't be an Agrippa.  Accept Christ as the Lord of your life today!