Making the Most of Our Journey

The past couple of hikes we've taken with the dogs have been somewhat shorter in distance.  Due to lack of time and more obligations than we could accomplish in a single day, we've had to limit our hikes to about an hour's worth of actual hiking.  The way we figure it, a short hike is better than no hike at all.  The crazy thing is that our shepherd mix, Mitchell, has already figured out the pattern.  If we get up in the morning and immediately get ready to go, chances are he's in for a longer hike.  But if we accomplish several things in the morning and don't head out for our hike until lunch time or later, he understands that the hike will be shortened.  Don't ask me how he knows this.  The dog is brilliant!  I wish I had his brains (not to mention his sense of direction, but we won't go there right now).

Knowing that the hike won't be as long as he wants it to be, Mitch has learned how to make the most of his journey.  While Jason, Tippy (our beagle) and I walk a couple of miles or so, he covers probably fives miles or more.  That dog runs, leaps and scurries through every inch of territory he can.  He knows that he's not allowed to get out of our sight, but you'd be amazed how much ground a dog can cover in the woods and still be within sight.  And Mitch takes advantage of every inch.  Sniffing, digging, exploring.  Up the hills.  Down the hills.  Back and forth.  Good grief, I'm getting exhausted just telling you about it.  Let's just say that my loving pup (who in actually eight years old, believe it or not) enjoys every minute of his hikes, leaving one tired but happy canine at the end of the day.

As I thought about this last weekend, I wondered if I make the most of my journey in the same way Mitch does.  Do I take time to explore, or am I content to simply plod along down the well-beaten path?  Like Mitch, my journey has a time limit, so am I taking advantage of every minute, or am I allowing life to merely pass me by.  There is so much I could do, so much I could accomplish for the Lord.  There are seeds of salvation to be planted and buckets full of encouragement to be sprinkled about like confetti.  What am I missing out on by sticking to my comfort zone?  What magnificent things could I discover if I made the effort to make the most of my journey?

Jason, Tippy and I walk the trails.  Mitch explores them with wild abandon and unbridled zeal.  As a result Jason, Tippy and I enjoy our hikes, but Mitch has a blast.  Could it be that we're not getting more out of life because we're not putting more into it?  It makes you wonder, huh?

 What man is he that desireth life, and loveth many days, that he may see good? - Psalm 34:12