Seeing Is Not Always Believing

Seeing Is Not Always

“If only I had seen the parting of the Red Sea with my own eyes, then I would believe that God can do anything.”

“If only I had seen Goliath fall face-first to the ground, then I would believe God can defeat the giants in my life.”

“If only I had seen Lazarus come out of the grave, then I would believe that nothing can defeat God.”

Have you ever fallen into the trap of thinking your faith would be greater if only you had seen the “great” miracles of the Bible for yourself?  I mean, seriously, who could doubt God’s mighty power after witnessing such miraculous feats?  Well, the children of Israel did.  And so did the disciples–you know, the ones who walked with Jesus, talked with Jesus, ate with Jesus and worked alongside Jesus for three-and-a-half years.  Despite what they had seen, their faith was still incomplete, which means seeing is not always believing.

So, if we cannot grow our faith by seeing God work in our lives or the lives of others, how do we increase our faith?  How can we trust God no matter what life throws our way?  Thankfully, the Bible gives us the answer to that question in Romans 10:17.

So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

Faith comes by hearing, not seeing.  Hearing what?  The Word of God.  It’s not what we see or don’t see God doing.  It’s what God says He is doing.  While it would have been awesome to have lived in Biblical times and seen the miraculous wonders God performed, we have an advantage that the saints of the Bible didn’t have.  We have the Word of God in its entirety.  Everything God wants us to know is written in the pages of Scripture.  In it, He reveals both the beginning and end of time.  He spells out our past and our blessed future (blessed if you’re saved, of course).  He shows us examples of His nature, instances of His deliverance, and demonstrations of His power.

By reading His Word and hiding its truth in our hearts, we will be equipped with all the faith we need to face whatever comes our way.  Not because we see God’s plan in the making or understand why we’re going through a particular trial, but because we’re trusting in what we have heard–that God works all things together for our good if we love Him and are called to His purpose.  We trust God will see us through because He has told us He would.  We have read/heard His promises and accepted them as truth.  That, my friend, is the key to faith.

So, if you don’t see God working in your life right now, don’t lose heart.  Stop focusing on what you do or don’t see, and instead set your attention on what you have heard from God.  Read His Word, and take His promises to heart.  Trust what God says instead of trusting in what you think, feel or see.  Place your confidence in the One who has never failed, who has never been defeated or surprised, and who has never forsaken you.  He is true to His Word.  He’s taking care of you, and He will see you through, no doubt about it!