Confident in God's Work - A Series on Confidence, Part 7

Confident in God's
Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ:
— Philippians 1:6

This precious verse gives us a three-fold confidence about God's work in our lives:  1) He began the work in us; 2) He's still working on us; 3) He will continue to work on us until completion.  Let's look at each of those in a little more detail.

1. God began a work in us.

Long before I ever knew I needed a Savior, Jesus died on the cross for my sins.  One day, He called me to Him and urged me to accept Him as Lord of my life.  But long before that, He had a plan for me, a work for me to do, a work that He would do in and through me.

2. God is working in us.

Every hour of every day, God is working in me.  Hallelujah for that!  I don't have to be the same tomorrow as I am today.  I can grow.  I can change.  I can be a better version of myself because God's never finished with me.  He continues to teach, guide and mold me, helping me to become more like Him.

3. God will continue working in us until we are complete.

God will never give up on us.  He'll never throw up His hands in despair and mutter, "Whew!  This one is much harder than I imagined."  No, He knows what He's doing in our lives, as well as exactly how to accomplish His will in our lives.  And we have His promise that He will keep working on us and in us until the day of Jesus Christ.

As we go about our daily tasks, we can walk in the confidence that we're not alone.  God is with us, working in and through us.  We can also trust that God has not left us to our own devices.  He isn't sitting, arms folded, in Heaven and saying, "Here's your life, child. Let's see what you can make of it."  No, He is with us every step of the way.  He is constantly leading, guiding, teaching and molding us.  And He will continue to do so until we make it Home.  Guaranteed!

God is working in us, on us, with us, and for us.  Hallelujah!